Review 2012 Chrysler 200 S AWD Hemi

Harry to it’s time for a one year update on my 2012 Chrysler 200 S Again this is an all wheel drive car with the hemi V8. It’s been an uneventful here. I don’t put too many miles on it because I’ve been driving a lot of the older rigs. I think it’s only got like 9300 miles on it. Said 0 problems, 0 warranty repairs. In fact Hasn’t been in for anything but an oil change.

2012 Chrysler 300 S AWDI will say The only issue I have with the car at all. Is being as this one now has all the options that has the adaptive AI high intensity discharge 2012 Chrysler 200 headlight. And the only issue I’ve had is I during the winter time when it’s dark early. Everybody flashes me on the highway really things I’ve got my high beams on. And our other vehicles with H. ideas. I don’t have that issue so these are self adjusting leveling swiveling they turn with the car everything else and I’m not sure if they’re out of adjustment or what but. I do plan to get that checked. Other than that. It’s been flowers.

We don’t have much of a winter around here but. Snow and ice that we did have a. That’s just fine. Look inside. 9300 miles 90. It’s like foreigners. So other than that. With the hemi and the a 5 speed automatic think it’s averaging. About I 18.5 miles per gallon combined have seen again to the low twenties on the highway. Deftly of heavy photo. Fired up here. And the fifteens with the 8 speed. I have a Significantly improve fuel economy. I’ve heard So There is I make another video up. Next year Before I get rid of it. And of course update if anything happens. Very fun to drive are very quick. Just Kenny capacity with authority for sure on a 2 line Eric.