What is the difference between the automatic box and variator.

Firstly, they differ in structure. Automatic box includes two main components: a torque converter, which is the clutch, gearbox comprising gears unit that transfer switch. The variator includes unit with a driven and a drive pulley connected with a metal belt. Variator job is done without switching pulley movement, accelerating the car, without changing the engine speed. Motor with a variator differs by a great resource because it does not work at high speeds. That is why the difference between the automatic box and CVT is reflected in their work.
box variator
Automatic box is inferior to variator for the number of the used oil, requiring its frequent replacement. Source of automatic box is much less, which also becomes the cause of certain expenditures. Automatic box consumes more fuel, thus, the motor develops greater speed compared with the CVT. If there was a choice between automatic or stepless variator, it is better to choose the CVT.