Chervolet Silverado GMC Sierra Projector Head Light

Welcome to spider autos projector headlight installation guide for the 2004 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Before we get started you’ll need. A Phillips head screwdriver and a 7 and 10 millimeters socket and ratchet. First open the hood. Then locate the 57 millimeter bolts securing the grill. Remove the 5 volts. Locate and remove the 4 Phillips head screws securing the turn signal light. Unsafe the light and disconnect the harnesses. Since we can’t disconnect them from the harness be careful and leave the bulls where they are. Look at the clip holding the grilling.

04 silverado headlightsPulled gently on the clip to release the grill. And see if the grilled disconnect the park plans from the grill and that set the grill aside. Now locate the 410 millimeter bolts securing the 04 Silverado headlights. Remove the 410 millimeter pulls. Disconnected low beam and high beam harnesses from the socket. We need to transfer our high beam gold from the OEM headlight to the spider at light. Remove the high be involved from the OEM headlight. Be sure to inspect the gasket on the ball and replace it if war.

Install the hive evolved into your new spider headlight be sure to twist it securely into place for a tight seal. Reconnect the low beam wiring harness and run the wire so that they go under the bracket. Then reconnect the high beam harness. See the spider headlight and then reinstall the 410 millimeter bolts that secure it. Now get your grill back out and reconnect the parking lights then see the grill. Pull the turn signal bulb through their opening in the grill being careful not to damage them or touch them with bare hands. Wipe the turn signal bulbs queen then reinstall them into the turn signal housing. Reinstall the for Phillips head screws. Then reinstall the 57 millimeter bolts that secure the grill. Then just close the hood. Congratulations you fitted your Silverado or Sierra with a set of slick projector headlights from spider auto.