Anti-glare visor.

Anti-glare visor for carsThere are many names of this device: anti-glare visor anti-glare, anti-glare HD Visor, HD screen for the driver. It involves “driving in high definition” and protects the driver from the bright sun, the glare on the windshield and glare from oncoming headlights.

It is mounted on a regular light protection visor, so every motorist can deal with that.
The device consists of two screens: yellow and brown, which should operate as filters and protect from the sun and headlights.

Yellow filter is designed for use at night, and brown – in the daytime. But what is really? If we talk about sun , both filter cope with this task poorly. At night, the yellow filter does not protect from oncoming headlights, and brown make it virtually invisible the rest of the road. Plus – in the rain yellow filter makes the image sharper, so is better to perceive.